Teen Trail Corps

Our TTC Coordinator: Coach Andy Meyers

Teen Trail Corps supports NICA’s mission to build strong minds, bodies, character, and communities through cycling by creating a culture of service within our community. Teen Trail Corps supports NICA’s vision to see every youth empowered to be part of a thriving and engaged cycling community by introducing them to the world of advocacy. Mountain biking as a community has often felt a responsibility towards the trail systems we use and Teen Trail Corps is the NICA program to introduce our student-athletes to that culture of service. As leagues across NICA experience growth, NICA teams become highly visible users of the trail systems.

Here in La Crosse we work with the Outdoor Recreation Alliance (ORA) throughout the summer and during our team’s mountain bike season. We do a variety of trail work and trail maintenance to advocate for community stewardship for all trail users while promoting the positive attitude that the La Crosse Area Mountain Bike Team brings to all trail use groups in our community. We are always looking for new opportunities that allow us to share our appreciation of awesome trails with the greater La Crosse community.

Both individual student athlete and team TTC hours are tracked. Those with the most TTC trail work hours logged are eligible for reward from NICA (both team and individual student athlete).

TTC events will be shared via team email and posted on the team social media platforms. There is typically a TTC event at each race festival weekend.

Please reach out to Coach Andy with any questions:


More info from NICA National TTC: