3/1Coach Registration opens 
4/1Student Athete Registration opens 
4/27-28Coach Retreat = Trek 
5/4TTC Event – Upper Hixon Pump Track Area- 9:30am – 11:30am 
5/9Coach Meeting = Myrick Gun Club 7pm 
5/18 Coach ride 9am 
6/1Try it Out Event- Lower Myrick Park – 9:30-11:30am 
6/15Coach Practice w/ Varsity & JV3 – 9am 

Season Starts

7/2New Athlete first practice 4:30 Lower Myrick Park and all team meeting 6pm – Myrick building reserved 
7/9First Full Team Practice 4:30-6:30pm 
7/11Team Dinner & Swap – Myrick Gun Club Shelter (tentative location) 
7/27Brat Barn (tentative date) 
8/11Pool Party 5-7pm UWL pool (tentative date) 
8/15Festival/Camping weekend meeting, after practice – location TBD 
8/21Short Track Race w/ VTAC (tentative)
Team Pictures prior to race season or mid September (date TBD) 
9/1Cable Race Festival Weekend 
9/8Lowe’s Creek Race Festival Weekend 
9/29Englewood Race Festival Weekend 
10/6Rhinelander Race Festival Weekend 
Sidie w/ VTAC (Pert Near prep) (tentative) 
10/20Trek Race Festival Weekend 
10/27Adventure Ride and Banquet – Myrick Shelter – (date tentative)