• Camping Reservations will be required to be booked by the deadline indicated in the Race Weekend email sent by the Team Director prior to each race weekend

• Student Athlete’s camp together with their family in their team’s designated area (every student athlete is required to have parental supervision for the weekend)

• Camping will be available Friday & Saturday nights. You can choose both, one, or none of these options 

 • Family style meals will be served for the entire team and all family members and coaches for: Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast (typically a vegetarian option is also offered)

• The main course is provided by the team. A sign up for additional food items will be sent out via email in the Race Weekend email by the team director prior to each race weekend

• Please bring your own: water, plates, silverware, etc. (the team will wash your dishes for you after the meal)

• Sunday: A light lunch & race snacks will be provided in the race pitzone area for all coaches and student athletes who are racing 

More to Come